Central Claims, LLC is a Louisiana adjusting firm providing complete claims services for insurance companies, agents, municipalities, self-insurers, as well as brokers.


Central Claims adjusters have all the necessary skills to handle all types of claims and losses.  We pride ourselves particularly on our ability to handle larger, more complex cases while simultaneously processing a high volume of routine assignments.


Founded in 1964, Central Claims services the entire state of Louisiana with established affiliates throughout the state.  We provide claims management service for several hundred individual insurance companies and large self-insureds.


Each year Central Claims successfully manages several thousand claims for insurance companies and self-insureds, including Workers' Compensation, Property, Automobile, and Liability claims.


We have established an impeccable reputation built by consistently delivering prompt, professional service.  Our ability to respond satisfactorily to the individual needs of our customers has resulted in our expansion.


Central Claims is determined to provide its clients with superlative claims handling service.  Whether you are a claim or risk manager, an agent or broker, you can feel confident that every one of your claims will be handled in the highest professional manner.


We shall continue to emphasize the professional values consistently associated with Central Claims.  Of these values, the commitment to provide a quality product at a reasonable price is paramount.  For Central Claims, quality service is the most important element in a quality product.


Some of our widely acclaimed services are -



Central Claims' Catastrophe Program enables us to provide any number of catastrophe efforts under a host of professionals who can be mobilized to establish emergency claims offices when necessary in order to ensure that claims are handled promptly and efficiently.



Appraisals can be handled quickly at our Metairie office with prior arrangements.



Affiliates in each region of the state, backed by highly qualified managers, handle recovery for our customers.


Central Claims can provide a complete claims department that operates on your instructions, follows your procedures, and uses your forms.  You will have all the benefits of staff claim facilities, but will be relieved of responsibilities normally shouldered by the employer.



In addition, Central Claims provides claims analysis.  Reports can be customized to meet the client's particular needs.  Central Claims advanced state-of-the-arts Master Claims System makes available on-line database access as well as data download capabilities.  The Master Claims System provides basic inquiry functions as well as specialized reports tailored to your needs.



Fast claims settlement often results in lower claims cost.  This first for Central Claims is the last word in rapid claims reporting. Dial-a-claim gives insured’s 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week access to our telephone system to report claims, which are monitored non-stop.  Claims and Appraisals can also be assigned by e-mail and this website.


Whenever Central Claims is needed in a hurry, our clients can dial the direct dial-a-claim number, 504-834-3356, or fax a claim to our direct fax line at 504-834-5929, or send an e-mail assignment.  Central Claims personnel will secure all necessary information, and then arrange for a Central Claims adjuster to make rapid contact with the person in need of service.  The adjuster provides whatever direction, advice, or counsel is necessary.


During normal office hours, the Central Claims operator notifies the Central Claims affiliate office in a territory where the service is needed.  After normal business hours and

on holidays, Central Claims contacts the nearest adjuster at home.


Losses that are called in or faxed to Central Claims will receive special attention from our personnel.  We know a person in need expects and deserves quick action.  It is Central Claims' job to provide it.  Immediate contact is made and circumstances dictate how the claim is handled.  The Central Claims adjuster takes whatever investigative action the situation calls for, furnishes advice about the liability and property conservation aspects of the case, and answers questions.  Opening up a channel of communication is very important in handling the claim successfully.



The Self-Insured will receive computerized loss summaries with detailed exhibits showing all reported claims activity for the previous period.  Each computerized report will contain the losses to-date and both paid and incurred.  Loss reports may be designed specifically for each Self-Insured to enable its management to identify and correct any frequent problems that may arise at a particular location, division, or department.  These reports may be used to manage safety awards incentive programs and to promote a safer work environment.  In addition, this service includes status reports on loss-fund activity and bank reconciliation statements.



This service engineers the risk to advise the Insured of hazards which have or may produce losses and how to safeguard against such occurrences and/or provide reduction strategies.  It assists the client in designing programs for pre-employment physicals, drug testing programs, ESIS, job descriptions, employee drug participation, management awareness and overall controls to reduce and/or eliminate exposure to loss.



This service is to assist the client in risk identification, risk reduction, risk transfer, and/or risk assumption.  It follows the basic fundamentals of the disciplines offered in the field of Risk Management and assists the client in exercising control over its exposure to loss.  It includes the understanding of the implementation and use of Risk Management Information Systems.



Our Staff of experienced claim management personnel can assist you on a team or individual basis with your specialized projects or needs, including performance audits and evaluation of your work product.  We have many years experience evaluating performance and suggesting opportunities for improvement.



We can participate on your behalf as company representative in this vitally important forum for claim settlement.  We offer vast experience in this area with a very high success ratio.


Central Claims personnel are always mindful of their public relations role.  We provide clients with whatever assistance a particular situation requires, even when it is beyond the usual scope of investigation and adjustment.


By any standard - size, experience, training, organization, or interest - Central Claims is the best choice.